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Couple Having Sex In Minivan Escapes Before Vehicle Sinks Into Lake

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A German couple was forced to escape through the windows of their minivan after it rolled into a lake while they were having sex.

The 49-year-old driver and his 42-year-old girlfriend were allegedly in the back of the van when it began moving. The two managed to save themselves by climbing through a window and swimming to shore just before the van sank into Lake Plansee in Tryol, Austria.

Both were unharmed after swimming to shore, where they called firefighters to retrieve the Mercedes minivan.

“The vehicle had to be retrieved immediately as there was a risk it could cause pollution and damage the environment,” a fire department spokesman said.

After a three-hour operation, the minivan was successfully removed from the lake.

Another couple was caught on camera having sex in Spain’s Costa del Yorkshire just days earlier. In video footage of the event, a man can be seen wearing only socks and shoes as he leans over a woman on a bench in the early morning.

When confronted by police, the couple told officers to “go away.”

The couple faced a $670 fine after being reported for a public order offense. 

Sources: DailyMail, Mirror / Photo Credit: DailyMail, Mirror


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