Couple Gets Rejected From People Magazine Contest Because Of Pictures Posed With Guns

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An Illinois couple is upset after People magazine turned down two of their entries for a photo contest because they depicted the wife posing with a gun.

Bob Ferris says he and his wife Sandra decided to take pictures for People’s “Real Beauty At Every Age” contest, and when they were deciding how to set the pictures up, Bob decided it would be a good idea to have Sandra pose with a .45 caliber Colt.

"That was my husband's idea," said Sandra Ferris.

So Bob grabbed his camera, posed his wife, and took a picture of her holding the gun. The Ferris’ sent one picture in and hoped that People magazine would pick them for their feature.

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Some time later, Bob and Sandra received word that the picture was rejected.

"It just so happens that the photo I liked the best has her holding a .45 automatic,” said Bob Ferris. “I didn't think they'd reject the photo. I was a little shocked at first.”

The magazine told the couple that they rejected the photo for at least three potential reasons including size, focus, or inappropriate content.

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Bob wanted to see if the reason behind the rejection was because she was holding a gun, so he took another picture of Sandra with a firearm and sent it in. Once more, the picture was rejected for the same set of reasons. Bob sent in a third picture, this time without the gun, and finally, the picture was accepted.

"I don't see anything wrong with the picture and women with guns," said Sandra Ferris.

The contest rules say that they can reject a picture for any reason if they consider it offensive. Bob Ferris doesn’t believe that these pictures were offensive.

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"Guns are part of our life," he said.

Regardless, Sandra will still be featured in the magazine, although the Ferris’ say they never had a subscription to begin with.


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