Couple Gets Luxury Car At Half Price Due To Web Glitch (Photos)

Couple Gets Luxury Car At Half Price Due To Web Glitch  (Photos) Promo Image

A Kentucky couple got a brand new car for half the retail price due to an error on the manufacturer's website.

Sherri Cooper told WDRB that she was looking around on Facebook when she noticed an Infiniti advertisement. When she clicked on it she was presented with a deal that seemed way too good to be true.

The ad was for a brand new Infiniti QX30 priced at $17,790. The car retails for $35,000.

Among the car's key luxury features, according to the Infiniti website, are smart cruise control, built-in GPS, Drive Mode Selector and a skylight with electric shade.

Taken aback, Sherri contacted her husband, Chris, and asked him what he thought.

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"I snapped a picture of it real quick and showed it to [Chris] and was like, 'This is crazy. Look at the price of this brand new car,'" she recalled.

Chris said he immediately assumed it was a mistake.

"I thought that's wrong or that's a misprint or there's something wrong with the car, so I reached out to Infiniti," he said.

As it happens, Infiniti was just as surprised by the ad as the Coopers were.

"Chris had contacted me, almost jokingly, and said, 'Can we honor this? Can we do this price?'" Cam Meredith, sales manager at Infiniti of Louisville, told WDRB. “There's no possible way that we could do that. I mean that's $17,000 less than what we should be selling it for."

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Meredith reached out to Infiniti corporate to confirm that the price was a mistake and could not be honored.

They told him the low price was due to a technical glitch, and that the website would be shut down while they worked to correct it. They also said they would be calling Meredith back about the Coopers' inquiry. When they did, Meredith couldn't believe what he was told.

"I was contacted then by Infiniti a few hours later, and they said, 'Take the deal,' and it kind of caught me off guard," Meredith said. "I was like, 'What do you mean?'"

Infiniti told him they were going to honor the half-off sale price and reimburse the dealership for the other $17,000.

"They said, 'Dollars don't matter to us. What matters is our integrity and our reputation,'" Meredith said they told him.

Meredith relayed the information to the Coopers, who didn't think he was being serious.

"Well, he thought I was joking," Meredith said of Chris. "He was like, 'You're pulling my leg.' That's literally what he said."

But it was no joke, and the Coopers left the dealership in a brand new Infiniti QX30.

"I still can't believe it," Sherri Cooper said. "I mean it just doesn't seem real."

She added: "This doesn't happen. I guess it does."

Sources: WDRB, Infiniti USA / Photo credit: M 93/Wikimedia Commons, WDRB

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