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Couple Flies Nazi Flag to Fight Immigration Reform

Community members in Ghent, Virginia were shocked to find a Nazi flag flying over a neighbor’s home. 

The unidentified homeowners were confronted by Beth Brooker, a local woman. Brooker filmed the encounter as a couple emerged from their residence to take their flag down.

"You have every right to fly that flag, you do," said Brooker in the video posted to Facebook. "But I also think you need to understand how offensive it is."

The woman said their intent was not to be anti-American, but to protest President Barack Obama’s recent executive action on immigration.

"It's offensive when one person tried to change the rule of law on his own and that's what this states," the woman said in the video as she carefully rolled up the Nazi flag before retreating into her home. 

Sherene Silverberg, who is Jewish, said felt like she had been kicked in the stomach when she and her son saw a Nazi flag flying outside of the home. Still, it spurred her young son into a courageous confrontation. ”

"I’m so proud of my 13-year-old son," said Silverberg. "The minute he saw the flag, he went marching up those stairs banged on the door, didn't even bother with the doorbell and confronted the man.”

The owner of the flag declined to do an on-camera interview without an agreement to review the report before it aired. 13News Now does not accommodate editorial requests of that nature.

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"As offensive as I may find it and other people he has a right to say what he wants," said Vicki Wolfson, who is staying with her daughter nearby.  "It's just unfortunately it had to be in such a nasty way.”

President Barack Obama’s executive order will grant temporary amnesty to 4.6 million undocumented immigrants. 

Sources: 13News Now Image via Beth Brooker


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