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Couple Finds Their Dog At Animal Shelter After Pet-Sitting Company Tells Them it Died

A Tennessee couple was devastated when a pet-sitting company told them that their dog died while they were away on vacation. They later found the supposedly dead pup at an animal shelter and are demanding answers from the company.

Deidre Cole and her husband got the worst news any pet owner could ever receive when they were told that their beloved dog named Fawn had died.

Fawn was placed under the care of Best Friends Critter Sitter while the couple went on vacation. When they came back, the owner told them, “You know, I’m so sorry, but Fawn died,” Life With Dogs reported.

The Coles were told that Fawn died peacefully in her sleep, and that she was buried at the boarding facility. They mourned the loss of their beloved dog, but soon began looking for another pet.

While searching online, Mr Cole found a dog with an uncanny resemblance to Fawn at the Putnam County Shelters. The dog was reportedly recovering from a broken leg and was to be put up for adoption as soon as it fully recovered.

The couple set up an appointment to see the dog for adoption. When they arrived, there was no question about it: the dog with the broken leg was Fawn.

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Fawn reportedly wagged her tail uncontrollably and kissed her owner’s faces when they were reunited. She didn't want to leave their side and the shelter released the pup back to her rightful owners.

Now the Coles are asking the pet boarding company to come clean about what really happened to their dog. Mrs Cole says they don’t plan on suing the company -- they just want to know the truth.

“Tell me the truth and apologize, that’s all I’m asking,” she said to WSMV-TV. “I don’t want to sue her. I don’t want money.”

The couple believe that Fawn was probably injured by another dog in the boarder’s care. They believe the company then attempted a cover-up to avoid liability.

The Coles have decided to microchip Fawn in light of the incident.

Best Friends Critter Sitter has yet to make a public statement on the matter and no legal action has been taken at this time.

Sources: Life With Dogs, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Life With Dogs, WSMV-TV


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