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Couple Finds Live Moth Swimming In Drink At KFC

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Nicky Hammond and Jordan Laidler have vowed never to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken again after they reportedly found a living moth swimming inside their drink.

“After we collected our food we noticed something in the drink,” Laidler said. “I opened up the cup and saw this moth still alive inside.”

The discovery was especially shocking since Hammond has a moth phobia. Since finding the insect inside her cup, she hasn’t eaten anything.

“We were both absolutely disgusted,” Laidler said. “We’ve heard horrific stories about things being found in fast food before, but it had never happened to us.”

Laidler added that the KFC at Durham Retail Park had gotten their order wrong before, but that the service had never been this bad.

When Laidler commented on the moth to staff, he wasn’t initially offered an apology.

In response to the couple’s experience, a KFC spokesperson apologized and noted that the fast food chain takes customer service and food quality very seriously. The spokesperson also noted that cups are sealed air tight until they are removed and stacked in a compact holder, which makes contamination highly unlikely.

According to the spokesperson, the Durham Retail Park location received a food hygiene rating of five out of five stars.

The couple called the store later that evening and reportedly received a full meal replacement, plus 20 percent off of their next meal.

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Sources: Mirror, Want News


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