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Couple Finds Bag Full of $11k Cash on Valentine's Day

One couple had a surprising Valentine’s Day in San Francisco when they discovered a camera bag in a parking lot with more than $11,000 cash inside.

The parking lot was next to the Golden Gate Bridge, as the couple intended to have a walk across it before dinner. When Barbara Landeros spotted the bag, she and her husband Carlos waited by it to keep it safe until its owner returned.

They waited 45 minutes and became impatient, so they opened the bag. Inside was credit cards, papers, and the cash.

Many people would jump for joy at such a discovery, but Barbara said it made her nervous.

“I got nervous at first, it could be drug money,” she said. “I was scared.”

They had originally driven to San Francisco from Vallejo, California to have a romantic dinner, but their plans were thrwarted when they had a bag of cash to deal with.

Instead of spending it on a lavish Valentine’s Day celebration, the couple did the right thing and turned it into police. It turns out, the bag belonged to a Chinese tourist, Mark, who had accidentally left it in the parking lot. The cash didn’t just belong to him, either, it belonged to several other families he was traveling with.

When Mark was given the cash, he was shocked that someone was kind enough to return it. He quickly attempted to track down the Landeros’s to thank them. He tried calling them, but had the wrong number. Then he went to their house, but they weren’t home.

Finally, Mark got the right number and called the couple to tell them thanks and that a check was in the mail as a reward.

Unfortunately, the couple did not have the Valentine’s Day dinner they’d planned. After ending up in traffic, they were forced to eat at McDonald’s.



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