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Couple Looking For Answers After Filming Possible UFO (Video)

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An Australian couple spotted a light hurtling through the sky on dash cam video (below) as they pulled out of a gas station.

Astro-photographers Paul and Sylvia Mayo captured footage of the possible UFO near Berrimah, south of Darwin, NT News reports. The dash cam clip shows a light speeding through the sky, then suddenly disappearing as fast as it appeared.

At the time of the incident the couple thought nothing of the light, but Paul said it was when he was going through his video files that he realized what he’d seen.

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“We’re switched on people, we have long careers in IT,” Paul told NT News. “But this video, I cannot explain it. I’m baffled, and I’m not usually baffled by anything.”

In the 30 years he’s spent taking photos of star clusters and galaxies, Paul said he’s never seen anything moving so fast through the sky.

“It looked like a string of [colored] pearls shooting through the sky,” he added.

The light could realistically be a reflection from the window, according to Paul — though he doubted that due to the speed of the light’s movement and because there were other reflections captured on camera.

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“That thing in the video is going along the tree tops in a straight line,” he said. “And shooting stars curve through the sky.”

Paul added that he is hoping someone can provide an explanation for the mysterious light. He posted the video to YouTube on Jan. 4.

Watch the bizarre clip below. 

Sources: NT News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Paul and Sylvia Mayo/YouTube

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