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Couple Films Their Dramatic Escape From Massive California Fire (Video)

YouTube user mulletFive recently posted three videos (below) of he and his wife escaping the massive Valley Fire in Lake County, California, last Saturday night.

The fire hit Lake and Napa counties, about 100 miles north of San Francisco.

In the videos, flames burn on both sides of the road, smoke clouds the air and the sky turns a sickly red color as the couple drives from Anderson Springs towards Middletown.

[W]e did wait way too long to get out,” mulletFive wrote in his YouTube comments section, notes “In retrospect, we should have gone out for a drive to find out what was going on, but we were a little preoccupied with packing.”

The couple are waiting for the roads to be cleared in order to check the damage to their home, which is hopefully still standing.

The charred remains of an elderly, disabled woman were found in Lake County, and eight firefighters lost their homes due to the fire, notes the Associated Press.

The Valley Fire hit 50,000 acres, destroyed 400 homes and two apartment complexes, and forced the evacuation of thousands by Sunday night, notes the Daily Mail.

A second fire hit Amador and Calaveras Counties, ripping through 65,000 acres and burning more houses to the ground.

About 5,000 firefighters fought the blazes.

Sources:, Associated Press, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: mulletFive/YouTube Screenshot


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