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'He Talks About Stabbing Us': Parents Say They Fear Their 7-Year-Old Adopted Son Will Kill Someone (Video)

A couple is speaking openly about their fears that their 7-year-old adopted son Rylan will kill someone because of his obsession with knives and violence.

Kim and her ex-husband Ryan spoke to Dr. Phil about their legitimate fear that their young son Rylan will become a murderer. The couple adopted Rylan from a drug-addicted, bipolar mother when he was a baby, and reports say that Rylan’s biological father was also bipolar. Kim and Ryan fear that their young son’s obsession with knives and rage issues will lead to him killing someone.

“I would say Rylan has an obsession with knives," Kim revealed on the Dr. Phil Show. "He talks about stabbing us with them, about how he's going to lift them up over his head and plunge them into our chests so he that he gets the best impact. My biggest fear is that we're raising a school shooter, a mass murderer, a serial killer.”

Kim says that Rylan’s strange behavior started at 18 months old when he would frequently hold his breath until he passed out. When the boy was 3, Kim says she walked in on him stabbing a watermelon with several sharp knives, and when he was 4, he started hurting animals as well as becoming more aggressive with his three siblings. Kim now says that Rylan has an imaginary friend named Bleeder who has instructed him to kill his whole family.

“When Rylan was six he locked himself in the bathroom, he found his older brother's razor and he cut off the tips of his fingers because he wanted to see them bleed,” Kim recalled. “In Rylan's head, Bleeder was the one who told him to cut his fingers so he could see the blood and feel the pain.”

Ryan, Rylan’s dad, pleaded with Dr. Phil for help for their son while appearing on the most recent episode.

“We have not lived a normal day in probably the last three years,” Ryan explained to Dr. Phil. "When he loses all control, our last resort is a therapeutic hold. We've had to hold him for upwards of 45 minutes to an hour. I do worry about Rylan killing someone. We are out of options. I know that I can't help him. I need help.”

See more from this couple’s appearance on Dr. Phil in the clip below.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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