Couple That Experienced Tragedy Has An Unexpected Encounter At Local Pizza Hut (Photo)


A Texas family said their faith has been restored after receiving a free meal from a stranger on the day of their late son’s birthday.

A little over one year ago, Ashley Rush was taken to the hospital with a feeling that something wasn’t right. Although she was pregnant, she hadn’t felt her son Liam kick. While Rush insisted that something was wrong, doctors told her to be patient.

Finally, Rush discovered that Liam’s umbilical cord hadn’t grown near his belly button, meaning he couldn’t get access to the nutrients he needed to survive.

Liam was delivered on September 25, but didn’t make it.

“I was mad at myself, I was mad at everybody who said ‘Oh it happens for a reason, you’ll find out that reason,’” Rush said.

Finally, about five weeks ago, the Rush family welcomed Addilynn.

On September 25, last Friday, the Rush’s went out to celebrate what would have been Liam’s birthday by going to a Pizza Hut in Lufkin, Texas.

“The waitress comes up and she’s like I don’t know if this is going to make you cry, make you happy, make you laugh, but that gentleman that was sitting across from you said that he felt in his heart that he needed to pay for your meal,” Rush said.

Rush noted that she’d like to think the stranger paid for their meal as a gesture from baby Liam and to give her hope. Since the stranger could have had no way of knowing what the family had endured, Rush felt that the act of kindness was inspired by her late son.

The Rush family noted that they simply wanted to share the story and thank the stranger, but not to embarrass him.

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Photo Credit: KTRE


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