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Married Couple Divorcing To Include Shared Partner

Love takes all forms and is often far ahead of the courts. But one married couple have thrust the lifestyle into the spotlight with their decision to divorce, and then remarry their shared partner, giving a second woman shared custody over their three children.

Cristina, 31, and Benno Kaiser, 37, from Austin have three children and 12 years of marriage together. But their life wouldn't be complete without their shared girlfriend, Sierra Kuntz, 21.

Cristina and Benno met while serving in the military police in Virginia, reports the Daily Mail. They married soon after and had three children. But Cristina felt something was missing from the couple's love life.

So Cristina suggested to Benno that the pair open their marriage to a third woman, and found the perfect companion in a Las Vegas shopping mall. Sierra, who was working in a pet store at the time, was initially hesitant about becoming involved with a married couple. But as their relationship progressed, the three came to a mutual decision.

"Sierra and Christina and I all clicked and shortly after our first date we knew that we were meant to be with her and that this was something we wanted to pursue," said Benno.

Benno says the relationship is balanced and equal, while the physical side satisfies all their desires.

"My feelings for the both are equal," said Benno. "I love them both without question. They are both very much part of my life and I couldn't imagine living my life without either of them ... It was just the natural course to take -- to have her move into the home."

Both Benno and Cristina are legal assistants, and Sierra helps the pair with raising their three children. Benno says he wouldn't have even considered the change without support from the children, reports the New York Post.

"We had talked to our children before this and let them know we wanted to adopt someone and bring somebody into our relationship. Our children have been supportive of this. They have understood."

Sierra says she's smitten with the children too.

"I absolutely feel like their mom," says Sierra. "I hope now, they love me, they call me 'mommy Sierra,' and I love them just as much ... I'm not jealous that the children are not biologically related to me at all. Just because I didn't birth them doesn't meant I can't love them and they can't love me. That doesn't hinder my love for them at all."

Cristina and Benno made the decision to file for divorce in 2016, but still intend to stay together. They're set on having Sierra enter their family, they just don't know which one she'll marry.

"Cristina and I decided this was something that needed to be done in order for Sierra to understand the depth of how much we love her and want her to be part of our family," Benno says. No matter who Sierra chooses, they all stand by their decision.

"This lifestyle isn't for everyone," Benno said. "There are a lot of people that are monogamous and are happy with just being with one person and that's completely fine ... Everyone of us is different. But before you judge, take a look at our lives and see the benefit of it. I couldn't imagine my life any other way."

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: AnonMoos/Wikimedia Commons

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