Couple Discovers They Knew Each Other In Preschool After Finding Picture Of Them Together


A couple in Florida was shocked to discover that they had actually met each other 17 years prior to when they had originally thought, and they only realized it after discovering a picture of the two of them in preschool together.

Jason Roth, 35, says that he and his 35-year-old wife Jessica knew that they had attended the same preschool for a brief period of time, even though they had grown up hundreds of miles apart, but they had no clue that they had already met. While looking through pictures, Jason stumbled upon a photo of him at a preschool Halloween party, and much to his surprise, standing behind him in the photo was his wife Jessica.

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“It was a pretty amazing revelation that despite me spending a majority of my childhood in Miami, we managed to go to preschool together,” said Jason to the Huffington Post. “We also discovered that we lived in the same dorm freshman year and we had more friends in common than we originally thought. Apparently, she used to come down to the cafe I worked in ... and order beignets from me.”

Jason and Jessica got engaged about a year after discovering the photo and used the picture on their “Save the Date” announcement, and half a year later, in 2005, they were married. Nearly ten years later, the couple is still shocked that they didn’t actually first meet in a nightclub during college as they had originally thought.

“Life is hard and sometimes our orbits get further apart,” said Jason, “but then they come back together and I couldn't be more grateful to have such a wonderful partner in life.”

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