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Couple Discovers Peep Hole in Bathroom of Expensive Hotel Room

One Canadian couple's one-year anniversary getaway took a bad turn when they discovered someone had drilled a peephole into their bathroom, enabling someone to see into the shower and bed. 

David Traccitto and wife Sarah Edwards checked into the Grand Sirenis Rivera Maya resort in Playa del Carmen, and found the peephole a day later.

Edwards could feel something was off when she first checked in.

"I just felt like someone was around me," Edwards said.

"I heard what sounded like a latch opening, a door opening, and then moments later, a door shutting."

When Traccitto went to find out what the noise was, he discovered a maintenance room was sharing a wall with their room.

Then he found the small hole that led into their shower. 

The peeping Tom even removed some of the paint from the shower glass so they could get a better look.

"You're seeing right through the glass, right through the blue [shower paint], right to genital level…right in that shower," Edwards said.

When someone isn't using the shower, the peeper could see all the way to the king-size bed.

Once Edwards' husband discovered the hole, he rushed to the room and said, "Pack everything, pack everything up now!"

They told the hotel about the issue and were promptly moved to another room for the remainder of their trip.

Now they want their money back from the travel agency.

The travel agency is refusing to give up the money, as the couple had already accepted amenities from the hotel as compensation gifts. 

Transat, the travel agency, said the hotel made "a goodwill attempt to resolve the issues."

"Ms. Edwards and Mr. Traccitto's file is taken very seriously and is currently analyzed by our Customer Relations department," Transat spokeswoman Debbie Cabana said.

"This is an isolated occurrence that was immediately addressed with the hotel management and does not reflect in any way with the quality of services Transat aims to offer."



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