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Couple Finds $24,000 While Renovating Home

A Cleveland, Ohio, couple has found around $24,000 stashed in the basement of the 1940s home they were renovating.

Reddit user Branik12 posted about the unexpected discovery, which he found in a small suitcase, Daily Mail reported.

He was in the process of taking out the ceiling of the basement when he saw the case concealed there.

“I took the box outside and gathered the wife. It has something inside, but not heavy like coins or gold bars. Might get lucky though. Could be old sports cards,” he wrote on Reddit, according to the Daily Mail.

But their hopes began to rise after opening the first of three packages they found inside the case.

“These are all twenties! There may be a couple thousand here! We are freaking out at this point. This doesn't happen to us! What do we do? Where are the cameras?” he added.

They proceeded to unwrap the remaining two packages.

“The second package didn't have any twenties. It was all fifties! What is going on here? There could be 5 grand here!. Wait!!!! The third package is 100s!!!! This is out of control!!!” Branik12 wrote.

A newspaper from 1951 was found covering the bottom of the case, leading the couple to believe the money was hidden around that time.

“Some of the bills were rarer than others. Some brown notes, a gold certificate and some star notes nearly uncirculated. All bills were from 1928-1934,” he added.

Branik12 concluded the story by saying the money would be used to pay off the mortgage.

Everything turned out well for this couple, but similar monetary finds in the past have not always had such a happy ending.

In 2012, a dispute developed over the ownership of $500,000 discovered in the wall of an Arizona home by a contractor. The company argued it should keep the money because it was found by one of its employees, but the new owners of the home asserted their claim to it.

The disagreement resulted in a court case, in which the judge ruled that the money should be returned to the heirs of Robert Spann, the man who hid the money before his death 11 years earlier.

“They knew from experience that he had hidden gold, cash and other valuables in unusual places in other homes,” Judge Maurice Portley wrote in his ruling, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail(2) / Photo credit: Imgur via Daily Mail

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