Missing Kentucky Couple Allegedly Murdered By Tenant


A Kentucky couple went missing on July 3 after checking on a cabin they rented out. The couple is identified as Robert Jones, 38, and his girlfriend, Crystal Warner, 35.

The man they rented the cabin to, 52-year-old Craig Pennington, has been charged with two counts of murder and is currently being held at the Marion County Detention Center, according to the Daily Mail.

Witnesses allegedly saw Pennington shoot the couple and leave with their bodies, reports local CBS affiliate WKYT.

Pennington admitted that the missing couple had been to see him, but claimed they left without incident. However, the couple’s car was found abandoned on July 8, leading law enforcement officials to suspect Pennington of foul play.

Warner’s mother, Mary Reeve, told WKYT: “I never thought in a million years that my beautiful, sweet daughter... that anything like this would happen to her, she's just kind to everybody.”

Jones’ sister-in-law, Jennifer Fine, added: “Bob and Crystal were the best people on this earth. The scenarios that have been running through our head have been absolute torment fearing that this is what happened and several of us have had this gut wrenching feeling that this is what has happened.”

According to Warner's Facebook page, she was employed by Toyota and worked out five days a week at Triumph Strength & Conditioning, which posted the following tribute on its Facebook page:

Today we have lost a family member. There are no words that can express what Crystal meant to Triumph and our community. A bright smile and unwavering positivity, Crystal has grown into a cornerstone member of Triumph. Much to the acclaim of Crystal and Bobby we will continue to celebrate the lives they led. If we can match only a fraction of the light they brought into our lives we can better ourselves, others and the ones we hold dear.”

The bodies of the missing couple have not been found, but state police claim to have evidence that they are, in fact, deceased.

Family members, on their Facebook pages, announced that they are hiring a K-9 search and rescue team in an attempt to locate the bodies.

Sources: Daily Mail, WKYT / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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