Couple Dies Within Hours Of Each Other After 69 Years Of Marriage

Gene and Pat Warrington’s long love story began when they were teenagers. The high school sweethearts wed in secret before he was sent to fight in WWII. They hid their nuptials so she could complete high school; Gene was 18 years old and Pat was 16.

After 69 years of marriage, they both passed away on December 27 in Ohio.

Gene, 88, and Pat, 86, were in hospice care together and held hands for 45 minutes before she died. Gene sensed his wife’s death was imminent so he pulled out his intravenous tubes.

Phil Warrington, the couple’s son, told the Daily Mail his father said “it wouldn’t be fun without her.”

Gene died eight hours after Pat. 

“He told me that when he came back from war, he knew he never wanted to be away from her again,” Phil said. 

Phil was one of three children Gene and Pat raised together. They also had seven grandchildren and a dozen great-grandchildren.

Throughout their lives, even as their health waned, the Warringtons were deeply in love with each other and seldom separated. “You could have almost predicted it,” Phil said. “They did everything in their life together. They were never apart.”

“They had been feeding on each other all along,” he added. 

Source: Daily Mail Image via Daily Mail


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