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Couple Dies In Murder-Suicide Over $500 Lotto Ticket

Terry Martin, 46, won $500 from a scratch-off lotto ticket, which apparently drove him to shoot his girlfriend, Laurice Hampton, 48, who he lived with in Fort Worth, Texas. After shooting Hampton, Martin shot and killed himself.

Hampton called 911 on Saturday morning to report the incident although she’d been shot in the chest. “She told them that she had been shot and that he had shot himself after he shot her,” Loughman said. Responders found the couple in their bedroom.

Hampton was transported to John Peter Smith Hospital and died a few hours later.

“We received information that the suspect had won $500 on a Texas lottery scratch-off ticket and that the victim wanted half of the proceeds,” homicide Sgt. Joe Loughman said. “The suspect didn’t want to share it with her.”

Loughman said the couple had lived together for several years, although they’d known each other since childhood. He described the couple as having a “very volatile relationship.”

Source: Star-Telegram Image via Andrew Malone/Flickr


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