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Couple Dies 15 Hours Apart After 70 Years Of Marriage

An Ohio couple who, after 70 years of marriage, were still madly in love with each other, died 15 hours apart last week.

Helen and Kenneth Felumlee, 92 and 91 respectively, reportedly held hands every morning at breakfast since they first got together over 70 years ago. The two soul mates met as teenagers, and even through having eight children together, they were virtually inseparable. They eloped in February of 1944 in their early 20s and spent years after raising their family and traveling the country by bus.

"We knew when one went, the other was going to go," said their daughter Linda Cody.

So when Helen Felumlee passed away on April 12, the children knew that Kenneth wouldn’t be around much longer. According to the children’s account, Kenneth looked at them 12 hours after Helen’s passing and said, “Mom’s dead.” It was then that his health started to decline, and within a few hours, Kenneth was gone.

"He was ready," said Cody. "He just didn't want to leave her here by herself.”

“At Dad's bed we were singing his favorite hymns, reading scriptures and praying with him,” said their son Dick Felumlee. “It was a going away party, and we know he loved it.”

Helen and Kenneth’s family say they aren’t at all surprised that the two died within hours of each other, and they couldn’t picture it happening any other way.


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