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Jailed Couple Demands $540M In 'Restitutionary Redress'

An Atlanta couple in jail for having locked their son in a tiny, dark room basement for two years is asking to be released from prison and to be given $600,000 for each day they have been held behind bars.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Therian, 39, and Recardo Wimbush, 35, filed a joint plea offer to the Gwinnett County prosecution team, formally asking that their charges be canceled and for the county to grant them a total of $540 million in "restitutionary redress."

Imprisoned since their 2014 arrest without an opportunity for bail, the couple say they have been unjustly locked away on the accusation of keeping their oldest child in a basement bedroom for two years.  

Charges of false imprisonment and cruelty to children were levied on each of the two parents who are set to attend a hearing on Dec. 23. They are representing themselves in court. 

The religiously devout one-time Georgia Tech football player and his wife turned themselves in to the police in summer 2014. Their son was originally punished for having "sinned" by stealing a DVD player.

He was kept from having toys or reading books while locked in a tiny, minimally furnished bedroom with all the windows blacked out. 

The couple -- both adherents to an unconventional religion worshipping Yah -- told law enforcement officials their son, Recardo Jr, was kept in the basement for "disciplinary reasons," noted Corporal Jake Smith, a representative of the Gwinnett Police.

"The victim had been confined to the room for most of the past two years and a lock had been added to the victim's room in January 2013," Smith said. "The victim had no access to books, toys, entertainment devices, or his siblings."

Social workers found the small room the boy was living in to be confining; it was furnished with just a bare mattress and box spring and contained "a large plastic jar, which was apparently used as a toilet," Smith said. 

At their June 2014 hearing, the judge in court heard the Wimbushes claim that their 13-year-old was a menace to his siblings. 

Their arrest warrant reads that the boy was "sent to the basement of the family house for the past two years in deplorable conditions due to being disobedient."

Their home is located in Buford, a suburban town north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Photo credit: Gwinnett County Detention Center via NBC News

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