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Couple Gets Married At Grocery Store On Thanksgiving (Photo)


An Albany, Georgia, couple made headlines when they decided to get married at a supermarket on Thanksgiving day.

Four years earlier, Charles Larry Tinson visited his local Harveys Supermarket to pick up food for Thanksgiving. He had reportedly just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and was searching an aisle when he saw someone he knew in front of him.

“I heard someone say 'Hey girl' and I turned around and said 'Oh my God, Larry? I haven't seen you in over twenty something years,” Mary Tinson said. 

The pair had met several times in the past, and started dating after that encounter. They ultimately decided to get married, and chose the place where it all began as the venue.

“She asked me where are we going to get married and I said at Harvey's where I met you,” Tinson said. The store employees were thrilled to help facilitate the nuptials.

“We are extremely excited to be part of this special day,” Ken Wicker, Vice President of Operations at the store, told WALB. “To our knowledge this is the first time we've ever had a real wedding in one of our supermarkets."

The wedding included music, food and cake topped with the treat Tinson had been looking for when he encountered his soulmate -- cranberries. Over 70 people attended the couple’s big day.

“On Thanksgiving Day, he said what he wanted to do is to give thanks to the Lord for the old going out and the new coming in,” Tinson said.

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The couple’s story quickly went viral, with many applauding them for choosing a venue that meant something to them -- no matter how unorthodox it was. 

“With so much going on now a days the grocery store was probably safer than the church. Times have changed & Love is in their hearts. The correct pastor with the right words is a blessing in itself. Bless this loving couple forever,” one reader commented on The Root. 

“Thank goodness for happiness. It is [divine]. God bless their hearts. What is amazing about this kind of wedding is, they last longer than the ones where tens of thousands of dollars are spent,” another added. 

Sources: WALB, The Root / Photo credit: WALB

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