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Couple Convicted for Denying Dying Daughter Medical Care Based on Religious Beliefs

Wenona and Travis Rossiter were found guilty on Monday of first- and second-degree manslaughter for denying their dying diabetic 12-year-old daughter, Syble, medication and medical care.

The Oregon couple claimed they thought their daughter had the flu, which can be fatal according to the Centers for Disease Control.

KEZI reports that Syble died from diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially fatal condition that happens when diabetics don't have enough natural insulin and are not receiving any insulin injections.

Prosecutors said the Rossiters didn't take their child to a doctor because they are members of the Church of the First Born in Brownsville, Ore., which teaches that modern health care is wrong.

Instead of medication, the Rossiters turned to prayer and faith-healing. As a result, their child died in February of 2013, noted KOIN.

The Rossiters' lawyers argued that their religious beliefs should have been excluded from the trial, but Judge Daniel Murphy ruled those beliefs were evidence.

Wenona claimed that she and her husband were not aware their child had type 1 diabetes and that she once took Travis to an emergency room.

Sources: KEZI, KOIN, Centers for Disease Control (Image Credit: Linn County Sheriff's Office Media Handout)


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