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Couple Constantly Texts Neighbor When Baby Naps (Photo)

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A man's story about how he was constantly inundated with harassing text messages from his downstairs neighbors has gone viral.

Imgur user ChefShwasty wrote a post titled, “A story of my psychotic neighbors” on the social networking site. He revealed how he is barraged with noise complaints -- even when he’s quiet -- from his neighbors whenever their infant is sleeping.

At first, the man was yielding with their requests, but now says he’s reached a breaking point and was requesting advice from users, reports Daily Mail.

However, ChefShwasty says he occasionally practices on his drum kit.

When the man first moved into his apartment, he met the mother who lived downstairs and told her to let him know if he was being too noisy.

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“The very next morning, I receive the text. I was chopping onions for a vegetable stew I was making for dinner later that night, and apparently it was too much,” he writes.

The text message read: “Do you mind holding off drinking for an hour or so? My daughter's sleeping.”

“Currently chopping vegetables. Sorry. Didn't realize it was that loud,” the man replied.

The chef went on to describe the other texts he had received from the neighbors.

“Lol. Watcha watching? Sounds dramatic ;),” reads another message.

The musician replied, “I'm at work. Must be the girlfriend. I can ask her to turn it down if you'd like?”

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The man explained that the messages became more frequent, and he changed his drumming schedule to accommodate the neighbors.

“Most times, I would even wait for them to leave so that I could drum. I got a lot of these within a minute of starting. My practice dropped to once a week, sometimes not for a few weeks,” he wrote.

One message read: “Shoot! We just got home and she had fallen asleep in the car. She's napping now. Do you mind holding off a little longer?”

His response was: “Say no more. I'm quiet.”

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Soon, his downstairs neighbors would send him texts even when he wasn’t home, or when his girlfriend was watching television in his apartment.

The musician says he would tiptoe around his neighbors to avoid any more complaints from them.

“I played once a week, but ONLY when they were gone. I would stop when I saw them come home,” he added.

“I would even alter my lunch breaks at work so that I could come home when they were gone and get a few minutes in.”

In spite of his considerate attitude, he received a letter from management.

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It read: “Due to the noise being created by your drum kit we have to please ask that you no longer play due to it impeding the peaceful living of your neighbors.”

The renter says he has ceased practicing drumming, yet still receives noise complaints.

“I don't know what they're doing. I can't afford to move,” he wrote.

“Psychotic neighbors ask my complacency in lowering my volume, which I do for months until I'm near-silent, and now it looks like they're trying to get us evicted.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Imgur / Photo credit: ChefShwasty/Imgur via Daily Mail

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