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Couple Files Complaint After Being Kicked Out Of Six Flags Due To 'Inappropriate' Shirt

Gina Rivera recently visited Six Flags Over Georgia with her husband, but she was quickly escorted out of the park when her shirt, which exposed her belly button, was deemed inappropriate.

In a cellphone video recorded by Rivera’s husband, a security guard can be seen escorting Rivera to a store to buy a new shirt that conformed with the park’s dress code. She claimed the new outfit was even more revealing and she was still kicked out of the amusement park.

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“I'm like, ‘how is this better when I'm showing my whole bra everywhere when earlier it was just my belly button?’” Rivera told WSBTV. “The whole thing just made us feel like we were criminals.”

The couple posted the video to Facebook and it has since been viewed more than 11,000 times. 

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According to Six Flags' dress code, a half T-shirt or cut-off T-shirt must be “long enough to cover the guest down to the belly button” to maintain the park's “family-friendly environment.”

The Riveras did not talk to a manager at the park, but they filed a complaint about the incident online and said they hope the park makes some changes. 

Sources: WSBTV, Six Flags Over Georgia

Image: The Riveras via WSBTV,


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