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Couple Chops Up 7-Year-Old, Feeds Him To Pigs - And Then It Gets So Much Worse

A father and stepmother in Kansas City, Kansas, reportedly fed their 7-year-old son to pigs after killing him and chopping up his body -- and were later discovered to be living in horrific conditions. 

Michael A. Jones, 44, was originally arrested  after firing a gun at his wife, 29-year-old Heather Jones. Following his arrest it was reported Michael's son, Adrian, had previously gone missing and was buried on the couple’s property. 

Human remains were subsequently found on the property, and police soon discovered the remains had been fed to pigs. 

Police found dead mice, rats, rat poison, syringes and pornographic material in the home, reports New York Daily News. The couple lived in the home with their son and six girls. 

Property owner Jennifer Hoevers, who rented the house to the Jones famly, said she was shocked and disgusted when she went inside. 

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“It took my breath away,” Hoevers told WDAF. “Fast food wrappers everywhere. There’s milk, rotting food everywhere.”

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Hoevers noted that there was black mold growing throughout the house and bullet holes in the wall. An entire bathroom had been torn apart and the swimming pool had been ruined. She launched a fundraiser through GoFundMe to fix the house.

Hoevers initially rented the home to the Joneses because they appeared to be polite and were desperate for a home for their children. They reportedly showed interest in one day buying the property. 

The $500,000 house Hoevers and her deployed husband put their life savings into was ultimately destroyed by the Jones family, reports WDAF. 

Jones was arrested on $10 million bail, while his wife was held on $5 million bail. Both were charged with child abuse and first-degree murder, among other charges.


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