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Couple Charged With Abuse And Neglect After Elderly Woman Is Found In 'Extreme Condition'

An Arkansas couple is facing prison time after authorities found an 86-year-old woman under their care with rotting flesh on her face and bedsores all over her body.

Janet O’Malley, 62, and her husband Timothy O’Malley, 65, were arrested shortly after midnight on Dec. 3. They are the victim's daughter and son-in-law.

The Izard County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at White River Medical Center in Batesville, Arkansas, regarding an unresponsive elderly woman who was brought to the hospital in “extreme condition,” KAIT reported.

Sheriff Tate Lawrence said it was one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse he had ever seen. He told KAIT the woman had “several bedsores on her left shoulder, hip area and buttocks; rotting flesh on her feet; extremely dirty hair and was significantly dehydrated, lacking personal hygiene and a host of other problems related to neglect.”

Officials say the woman was brought unclothed to the hospital, covered in only a sheet. Court documents revealed further disturbing details about the woman’s condition, and the home the family was staying in.

“In Jensen's bowel movement there was animal hair, her vaginal area was uncleansed to the point it was obstructed, and the hair in her head was so dirty they could not clean it,” the documents stated.

The home was reportedly filled with stacked-up furniture. There was reportedly feces and urine on the carpet, numerous cats and full litter boxes. One of the rooms had a collapsed ceiling, which was patched up with black plastic.

Court documents also revealed that deputies found 30-day supply prescription medications from August and September that were still full.

Timothy, who is listed as the primary caretaker of the victim, told Arkansas Matters he was planning on taking the woman to the hospital a week earlier, but became ill. He has been charged with abuse of an endangered or impaired person.

Janet, who is the victim’s daughter, was also charged. The couple made bail at $10,000, but could be facing three to six years in prison if convicted.

Timothy told authorities his mother-in-law had suffered several strokes and had been bedridden for the last year.

Sources: KAIT, Arkansas Matters / Photo credit: Arkansas Matters

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