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Couple Launches Campaign To Require Surveillance Cameras In All Care Homes

Parents Paul and Julie Rowlands installed hidden cameras in their home after suspecting that their hired caretaker was abusing their disabled son. As they played the recorded footage, they realized it was even worst than they thought.

The caretaker, Stanley Nnenka, was seen hitting their autistic son, Zak, in the head and calling him a stupid boy as he was left alone to cry. At one point, Nnenka starts to flick clothing at Zak’s face as he continues to threaten the boy that he will hit his head.

Zak’s father felt immense guilt take over as he watched his helpless son be abused by Nnenka. “Watching him do this to my son sent a chill down my spine," Paul said. "I felt guilt that I wasn’t there for Zak when he needed me the most. And I was very, very angry.”

Paul wanted to confront Nnenka himself, but his wife persuaded him that they go to authorities first and have them handle it properly. Police arrested Nnenka at the family’s home, and he was convicted of ill-treatment of a person without mental capacity and was sentenced to serve six months of jail time.

Judge Christopher Cornwall spoke of the severity of the crime, saying, “The ill-treatment that is complained of seems to me to be dismissive of him as an individual, unkind and uncaring, and really disrespectful of him as a human being.”

Sources: The Mirror / Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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