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Couple Buys Bag Full Of 'Weed', Gets Something Else Entirely

A couple allegedly tried to buy marijuana from Michael Rafael Suarez, but instead of drugs, Suarez sold them a backpack full of dirty socks, Daily Telegram reported.

Suarez, along with Joshua Wayne Cope and Rebecca Sue Sharp, allegedly drove to a mobile home park in the Raisin Township of Michigan on July 8 where they tried to make a sale to the couple, MLive reported.

Suarez pleaded guilty in Lenawee County Circuit Court to a fraud charge for selling the socks, which the couple believed was $2,800 in marijuana. He was initially facing an unarmed burglary charge, but it will dismissed sometime in the future. “I didn't bring any weed,” Suarez told Judge Anna Marie Anzalone. "I brought a bag of dirty socks.”

In court, Suarez claimed he tricked Cope and Sharp, who are married, into driving him to the mobile home park. “I actually lied to them about what we were going there for,” he told the judge.

Cope and Sharp both pleaded guilty to attempted possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Suarez faces up to 7.5 years in prison due to previous run-ins with the law.

Sources: Daily TelegraphMLive Image via Miranda/Flickr


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