Couple Arrested For Abusing Boys With Duct Tape (Photos)

Couple Arrested For Abusing Boys With Duct Tape (Photos) Promo Image

An Ohio couple was arrested after they allegedly abused two 4-year-old boys and tied them to a wall.

James Howell Jr. and girlfriend Jamie Carver were charged with kidnapping and child endangerment, according to WPIX. The couple was accused of restraining the man's twin sons, 4, with shoe laces and gagging them with socks, along with sticking them to a wall with duct tape.

The children have been placed into foster care. James and Carver were reportedly released on bond.

"Duct tape was found everywhere in the apartment," explained Detective Janette Vaughn. "Duct tape was used, also a sock was put in the children's mouths to keep them from making any noises."

Cincinnati police arrived at the home on Sept. 10, when they found the horrific scene, according to WLWT.

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"There is no kind way to describe what these children more than likely were living in, said Police Sgt. Jeff Dunaway. "What we saw in that apartment last night will not put a smile on anyone's face, especially the children involved."

"Everyone who responded has children and this case, you know when you have a tragic case that involves children, it's not easy to move on," added Dunaway, who said the case will stay with him for the rest of his career.

Dunaway and other officers have decided to collect toys and clothes for the young boys to help support them through their difficult situation.

"When this is done, the kids involved may some day reflect back and our actions just might put a smile on their face," said Dunaway.

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James is reported to have a criminal record but no prior violent convictions, according to the Daily Mail.

Carver, whose attorney described her as "low functioning," is reported to have previous convictions for domestic violence.

The boys' mother recently died and Carver moved in with James after.

James' mother and the twins' grandmother, Vickie Howell, said she didn't believe her son would have used duct tape on the boys.

"Lord have mercy, no!" answered Vickie when asked if she believed he would use such violent methods of punishment. She said her son had previously "disciplined" the boys by telling them to sit in the corner and "have a time out."

In another story in Michigan, a mother and her fiance were charged with murder and first-degree child abuse after the woman's 4-year-old daughter died when she was put to bed in a swaddle made of duct tape, according to The Sun.

The suspects, 33-year-old Kelly Ballinger and 34-year-old Matthew Longnecker, were charged after the young girl, Desaray, died after she had been bound with duct tape each night for two weeks.

The girl's body was reportedly covered in bruises and cuts. According to Detective Sheila Goodell, Desaray's face was also sometimes covered with blankets or clothes. The horrifying bed time routine was reported to be discussed by the couple via texts on their cell phones.

The couple was denied bond. Two other children who were in the home have been placed in protective custody.

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