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Couple Arrested For Starving Child 'Like People In Concentration Camps Starved'

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Police officers arrested a Philadelphia couple after they allegedly starved their daughter to death.

Carmen Ramirez, 27, and Carlos Rivera, 30, were arrested on Monday night and charged with the murder of their child, Nathalyz Rivera, 3.

The girl was discovered not breathing by her father on Monday, according to She was pronounced dead after her mother brought her into the Einstein Medical Center. The 3-year-old child weighed only 11 pounds and her bones were reportedly visible through her skin.

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At the hospital, a roach supposedly scurried across her body, reports.

“This is one of the worst cases of abuse that I’ve seen in my five years on the homicide unit,” said Captain James Clark of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Photos of the girl’s body were “extremely disturbing,” according to Clark. He claims that there had been festering wounds on her.

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A medical examiner later confirmed the cause of her death to be starvation.

Investigating the issue, police discovered that Nathalyz was born blind and had Down syndrome. They also discovered that the apartment that the couple lived in with Nathalyz along with four other children, including her twin brother, was infested with fleas and rodents. Each of their kids, ages 3 through 9, had bites from the pests on them and were later taken into custody by the Department of Human Services.

According to Cindy Christian, a child-abuse pediatrician, Nathalyz had been “starved like people in concentration camps starved.”

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She continued saying: “This doesn’t happen to a child in a couple of weeks. Generally, it is a process that takes months and months, or even years of neglect.”

According to Clark, the family had a previous incident involving the Department of Human Services in 2008 after a complaint was made against them.

Ramirez was arrested at the hospital and the father was arrested hours later after attempting to flee.

Source:, The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail 


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