Couple Arrested For Locking Twin Sons With Autism In Basement


A couple has been arrested for allegedly locking their two 22-year-old sons, both of whom have autism, in the basement of their family home for a period that may have spanned six years. 

57-year-old John Land and 59-year-old Janice Land of Rockville Maryland were arrested after police searched their home on a warrant for an unrelated matter. According to reports obtained by Fox News, the twins were discovered in a small room with no lights, only one comforter and a small window. The room also reportedly smelled of urine. 

John Land admitted to the law enforcement officials investigating the couple that they had kept their sons in the basement at night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in order to prevent them from wandering away from the property unsupervised. Both twins are nonverbal, but Land allegedly told police some nights they would "eventually make enough noise that he would hear them and go see what was wrong," as court documents reveal.  

According to NBC Washington, Land also informed police that the room was devoid of furniture because his sons had soiled the bedroom before and he planned to replace the items as soon as he could afford it. 

The Lands face charges of false imprisonment and vulnerable abuse of a family member. 

Janice Land, however, is denying any involvement.

“If someone locked them in the room, I didn’t know about it,” she told those investigating the case. 

Sources: Fox News, NBC Washington


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