Couple Arrested at Home Depot for Sex Inside Shed, Say Police

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Emily Craig and Shaun Bowden were arrested on Wednesday after allegedly having sex inside a display shed at a Home Depot store in North Charleston, S.C.

According to the police report, the police were called by Home Depot “in reference to an male and female entering a display shed on the property, closing the door behind themselves and remaining inside."

Police reportedly found Craig “partially clothed; the top of her dress was untied, hanging at her waist.” Officers claim that Bowden was shirtless and “had his pants down near his knees, his penis was exposed,” noted

The couple was questioned by police who concluded “it became apparent that they were engaged in sexual intercourse within the shed.”

Craig and Bowden were arrested for disorderly conduct. Bowden was also charged with indecent exposure, while Craig was charged for giving police officers an incorrect name.

The couple was booked into a county jail but have not had their bond set. No word if they are sharing a cell.



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