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Couple Arrested After Allegedly Giving Baby Marijuana

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A couple from Muncie, Indiana, were arrested and jailed after they allegedly gave their baby marijuana to treat a broken leg.

Tessa Rose Murray and Nerrell McCoy were arrested on charges of neglect of a dependent after they reportedly failed to seek medical attention for their 10-month-old daughter who broke her leg. The baby was brought to the hospital on June 18 for a "dislocated femur fracture," but the injury was reportedly suffered days earlier.

Investigator Kris Swanson said Murray initially told him the baby was injured when she fell from a couch. She later changed the story, saying that an older child pulled on the baby's leg as she fell from a bed. Swanson searched Murray's cellphone and found texts with McCoy that referenced the injury as early as June 13.

"[The baby] prolly needs some weed and she will be good for now," McCoy said in the text, The Star Press reported. The next day, McCoy told Murray that it didn't hurt the baby when he touched her leg.

Tests ultimately found that the child had marijuana in her system "in excess of what could be attributed to second-hand smoke."

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Both parents denied knowing how the baby broke her leg, but acknowledged "not getting [the baby] property medical assistance caused additional pain and suffering that could have been avoided."

The parents were jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail each. The baby had previously been removed form her mother's custody, The Star Press reported, but information regarding that case was only recently received by investigators.

McCoy was subsequently hit with additional charges of possession of marijuana in the case.

Many readers reacted strongly to the story, with some questioning what really caused the baby to break her leg.

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"I can assure you her femur wasn't broken from falling off a couch," one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the story. "My ex's femur broke from going over 100mph on his motorcycle. And to change the story. BS. They need to be charged also with child ABUSE."

"I never thought I hear myself say this, but they should pass a law that makes people prove they could be competent parents before giving birth," another commented. "If you fail the competency test, your child is given to a responsible relative or foster parent until they get their life together. There are so many things that could hurt children this days, they should not have to be victims of bad parenting as well." 

Sources: The Star Press, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Chris Yarzab/Flickr / Embedded Images: The Star Press 

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