Couple Arrested For Allegedly Beating, Chaining Sons To Furniture


Police arrested a Texas preschool teacher and her husband after their twin sons accused them of chaining them up and beating them.

Shauna and Brian Paque have since been released on bond after being arrested for the alleged abuse.

The incident began when one of the boys, 14, arrived at the Decatur police department in April. The boy had bruises on his throat as well a footprint on his back and other injuries, according to WFAA8.

“He came through the door crying and everything,” Police Chief Rex Hoskins told WFAA8, “just begging for help.”

According to the boy, his mother choked and hit his head with a pan.

Mrs Paque, the boy’s mother, admitted to law enforcement officials that she choked her son, claiming that she was trying to get a camera away from him.

She reportedly wanted the camera because the 14-year-old threatened to film her abusing his brother and intended to hand it over to authorities.

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“He got a video camera and he was going to film his mother beating his brother,” said Hoskins.

Investigators later discovered the boy’s twin brother at an apartment complex nearby. According to the twin brother, their parents beat them and chained them to furniture.

“He told us he had been unchained by the father to go look for his brother,” said Hoskins.

Mrs Paque later revealed to investigators where she hid the chain and even demonstrated how she and her husband chained their sons up.

"Shauna wrapped the chain around Investigator Pawley's ankles a couple of times, then advised that they would use a padlock to lock the chains in place," Hoskins said.

According to the boys, the abuse has been an ongoing issue.

"They told us this abuse they were describing to us had been going on since they were four," said Hoskins.

Authorities arrested the couple.

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Both Mr and Mrs Paque were teachers in the area.

Mrs Paque was a certified preschool teacher at the time of the incident. She has worked in the city of Decatur for 11 years, but resigned from her position on Friday.

The couple was freed after posting a $20,000 bond. They both face multiple felony charges.

The boys were home-schooled at the time of the incident. Child Protective Services have taken the boys into their care as police continue the investigation.

Source: The Daily Mail, WFAA8

Photo Credit: Decatur Police Department via WFAA8


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