Couple Arrested For Snapchat Photo Of Baby In Bag

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An Oklahoma couple was arrested after a Snapchat photo of their baby in a laundry bag was found.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation after a police officer's girlfriend spotted the picture, reports KTUL.

In the photo, the couple's 9-month-old baby was seen inside a mesh laundry bag, which was hanging from a door handle.

Police contacted the child's father, 23-year-old Paul Chuckluck, and mother, 21-year-old Johnnie Gaghins shortly afterward.

Gaghins admitted to taking the photo, while Chuckluck confessed to placing the baby inside the bag and tying the knot.

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Gaghins says she thought it was funny and took a Snapchat photo of the baby. Chuckluck was unaware she had done so.

And while Gaghins may have found the photo amusing, others certainly did not.

Police arrested Chuckluck and Gaghins on child abuse and neglect charges.

A judge ordered the couple not to have contact with the baby, who is currently being taken care of by a relative. The baby was not injured during the incident.

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"A picture’s a picture, and we understand that," Deputy Claremore Police Chief Steve Cox told KJRH. "But when you base it on other factors as well, then that’s when it can become criminal."

"Child abuse is not always hitting -- it could be placing your child in harm’s way. It could be the threat of harm," Cox added, KOTV-DT reports.

Meanwhile, neighbors were appalled by the couple's actions.

"I would have been holding my baby, loving on my baby," one of their neighbors, Ronna Melton, said. "To do that, that's not love."

"Babies are not laundry, they’re not trash to be taken out or put in bags," agreed Donna Decker, who lives nearby. "They’re young people who need to know that they’re cherished and loved."

"It makes my heart hurt because these babies are innocent," she added. "The parents are supposed to protect them and take care of them. It’s not funny at all. It’s tragic."

Others had a different view of the situation.

"I would never put my child in there but I don't see the harm in any if this," commented one person in KOTV-DT's comments section.

"Try growing up in the 70's when the idea of this being a story in the news would have been laughable," added another. "Definitely worth an investigation though, at least, to make sure no other foolishness is going on, but I mean a mesh-bag is basically a baby-hammock."

Sources: KTUL, KJRH, KOTV-DT (2) / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Rogers County Sheriff's Office via KTUL

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