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Couple Arrested After Police Discover Disturbing Footage

An Oklahoma couple was arrested last Thursday after police searched their home and found a video showing a dog performing oral sex on the wife.

After issuing a search warrant, investigator Kyle Baker of the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office found several videos of dogs performing sexual acts, including intercourse, on women in Brenda and Robert Mettler’s home.

When interviewed by police, Mrs. Mettler admitted that she and her husband had made a video of their white boxer performing oral sex on her, but that the video had been made quite a long time ago. The 42-year-old woman insisted that the act was a “one-time deal” and that the dog had passed away. Mrs. Mettler also noted that she had no idea her husband had shared the video online.

After being questioned by authorities, Mr. Mettler admitted that it was a fantasy of his to watch dogs have sex with women. He noted that he was not aware the video had been uploaded to the Internet, and argued that his account must have been hacked.

Investigators later matched the footage found on Mr. Mettler’s phone with a clip discovered on a bestiality forum.

The couple was charged with crimes against nature/sodomy, cruelty to animals and distributing obscene material. They were released from jail on Friday after posting $60,000 bail.

The Mettlers are expected to appear in court on November 7.

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