Parents Arrested After Police Find Trash, Flies And Moldy Food In House


Law enforcement officials arrested a Columbia, South Carolina, couple and charged them with unlawful neglect of a child after they discovered the deplorable state of the family's home.

Shaynece Medlock, 27, and Marcus Aaron Scott, 22, contacted emergency medical services on May 20 when they discovered their 2-month-old baby unresponsive. The infant was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital, KLTV reports.

Police investigators working in conjunction with the Richland County Coroner’s Officer investigated the couple's home and discovered that the living conditions of Medlock and Scott’s residence were horrific. There was a terrible smell in the house and trash was strewn about, including spoiled food and hundreds of flies.

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Police also discovered that there were at least 12 people living inside of the residence. Three of the people living there were Medlock’s children, ages 2 to 4.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Medlock and Scott and placed Medlock a $40,000 personal recognizance bond, while Scott was placed on a $40,000 surety bond. They were both charged with unlawful neglect of a child, though authorities say additional charges could be added, according to WISTV.

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Officials also contacted Social Services in order to take the children into emergency protective custody.

Upon hearing the story, some took to the comment section to voice their opinions and concerns.

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“The whole story is very sad because it shows a dysfunctional family,” wrote one user, “and society at large. There are more factors in concomitance to the infant death.”

“They should not allow these two animals back into society,” wrote another.

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Photo Credit: Richland County Sheriff's Department


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