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Couple Whose 6 Kids Were Found Living In Roach- And Lice-Infested Home Arrested


One South Carolina couple may just get a taste of their own medicine after they were arrested for letting their children live in a filthy home and allegedly chaining two of their children in a room.

The couple, Crystal Case, 36, and Roger Cox, 56, were arrested when authorities from Social Services and the police department came to the house and found the living conditions to be "deplorable."

The caseworker allegedly discovered the couple's six children to be living in a home infested with cockroaches and lice. It was also littered with "trash and food," according to the police.

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A pair of twin 2-year-old boys were allegedly found in an 8 feet by 8 feet room that had its doors locked with chains.

Their diapers had not been changed.

Upon arriving initially, the deputies could not enter the home despite knocking on the door. When they returned later after visiting Cox's mother next door, Cox answered and told them that he had been sleeping. 

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Cox claimed to the officers that his wife was out with their 9-year-old daughter who had appendicitis and had to be taken to the hospital. Three of their children were at school. 

However, when the officers heard crying inside of the home, they decided to investigate. This is when they discovered the sickening living conditions in which the family lived.

"There was [...] an extreme roach infestation and trash, food and clothes scattered everywhere," according to the Daily Mail.

Following the sounds of the crying, they discovered the chained up door. After unlocking it, the twins ran out. Their diapers were reportedly filled and due for a change. Their room was also filthy.

Cox became belligerent, complaining of chest pains and "working himself into a rage," according to police.

Social Services decided to remove the twins from the home and filthy living conditions. They later picked up the three kids from school too.

They later learned that the 9-year-old child had not been hospitalized at all.

The couple is now being held in Spartanburg County Detention Center, and their children are with DSS.

Source: The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: WBTV, Fox News


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