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Tennessee Couple Allegedly Beat, Stabbed Neighbor Who Called Police On Them


A Rogersville, Tennessee, couple is behind bars after they allegedly beat and stabbed their neighbor after he complained about their loud sex.

The Hawkins County police were called to an apartment after the couple’s neighbor reported a loud disturbance. Officials discovered Johnny Richards, 33, and Erin Lawson, 32, had merely been having sex in their apartment, ABC 19 reports.

After the neighbor called police on them a second time that night, the pair allegedly went to the man’s home and beat him.

The incident occurred on Tuesday. According to Cpl. Kenneth Ferguson, the man had opened the door for the couple and Lawson hit him with a rake so hard the handle broke. She then allegedly stabbed the man in the arm with the broken handle.

“I did observe several lacerations on [the neighbor] consistent with how he stated he was injured,” Ferguson’s report stated. “There was blood on the end of the rake handle that was recovered at the scene. [The neighbor] stated the Mr. Richards hit him with a 2-by-2 stick, and it was recovered at the scene.

“There were several witnesses who gave a statement consistent with [the neighbor’s] statement,” he continued.

The pair has been charged with aggravated assault, with Lawson facing a second charge aggravated assault, because she reportedly hit Richard in the head with a stick.

Police discovered that while the first "loud disturbance" reported by the neighbor was just the couple having the sex, the second reported disturbance was a domestic dispute.

Lawson was reportedly so intoxicated at the time of her arrest that she fell in the drunk tank, injuring her head.

Both are being held in the Hawkins County Jail without bond. 

The two are familiar faces in the county jail, with Richards having been arrested at least 45 times since 2001, and Lawson having been arrested at least 31 times since 2001.

Richards' previous charges included burglary, theft, domestic assault, drug possession, casual exchange of drugs, public intoxication and contempt of court, according to TimesNews. Lawson's previous charges included drug trafficking, theft, domestic assault, stalking, failure to appear and public intoxication.

Source: TimesNews, ABC

Photo Credit: ABC


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