Couple Charged With Bringing Dog, Child Into Sex Life (Photos)

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An upstate New York couple has been charged with crimes related to allegedly having sex with their dogs and involving a young child in their sex life.

Police said they discovered a number of disturbing text messages between 38-year-old Shane G. Ogden and 18-year-old Karlee Jordan that point to illegal activity, reports The Times of Wayne County.

Jordan and Ogden were each charged with sexual misconduct, and Ogden faces an additional charge of endangering a child's welfare.

The criteria for sexual misconduct in New York includes a engaging in sex acts with an animal or a human corpse.

If convicted of that crime, Ogden and Jordan could face a year each of prison time, probation, a fine or a combination of the three, and they would also have to register as sex offenders.

Ogden's child welfare endangerment charge could land him in prison for up to one more year if convicted, and he could also lose his parental rights for the charge, in which case his daughter would be put in the custody of another parent or relative or placed in foster care, notes The Law Offices of Bukh and Associates.

Endangering the welfare of a child is described as either knowingly acting in any way that can injure the physical or mental health or moral well being of a child or permitting or instructing a child to engage in an activity with those effects.

It all started when Ogden allegedly took a sexually graphic video of himself -- which shows his young daughter in the background -- and sent it to a woman he knows, reports The Times of Wayne County. Although the clip did not show any contact between the man and the girl, she can reportedly be seen watching the sexual act from her playpen nearby.

After discovering the video, police arrested Ogden on July 30 and confiscated his cellphone. At that point, a forensic investigator reportedly found text exchanges between Ogden and Jordan in which they each say that they have had sex with their dogs and specifically detail what acts they have performed as well as what they would like to try on the pets in the future.

Police say Jordan admitted to committing the bestiality that she discussed in the text messages with Ogden.

Ogden was issued the charges based on the video and text messages he sent out as well as the statements Jordan made to police.

Both have since been released with notices to appear in court on Aug. 15.

Sources: The Times of Wayne County, The Law Offices of Bukh and Associates / Featured Image: houstondwiPhotos mp​/Flickr / Embedded Images: The Times of Wayne County

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