Couple Almost Struck By Lightning In Viral Selfie Clip (Video)


A couple was vacationing in Mexico when their romantic video shot was interrupted by a lightning bolt just feet from where they were standing.

Luis Morales Fukutake uploaded the video of the couple during their vacation on a beach in Akumai, Mexico. Fukutake says that they were trying to film themselves on the beach when suddenly a lightning bolt struck just feet from them.

"My girlfriend and I wanted to take a selfie, so we went to the shore of the (creek) to take it when the thunder struck," said Fukutake. "I remember watching the reflection of it in my GoPro."

Right before the lightning strike, a lifeguard had asked the couple to exit the water because a storm was approaching. Before they left the beach, however, they wanted to take some footage, and that just happened to be the moment that lightening almost took them out.

Thankfully, Fukutake and his girlfriend were unharmed, but the shock and ferocity of the lightning strike did knock them off their feet.

Check out the unbelievable footage below.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News, Metro


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