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Baby Girl Adopted After 13-Year-Old Mother Abandoned Her In Trash Bin

A Merced, California, couple is taking steps to adopt a baby girl who was abandoned in a trash bin by her teen mother.

The baby was discovered around 5:45 a.m. on Oct. 8 at a Sunnyside apartment complex, KCRA reported. A man looking for recyclables in a trash bin found the baby girl wrapped in a towel. The child was alive and her umbilical cord was still attached.

According to police, the man screamed when he found the baby. A couple that lives in a nearby apartment heard the scream and rushed to the scene.

When Jimmy and Annette Alvarez arrived at the scene, they saw the baby was barely moving.

“There were flies, gnats, all kinds of trash -- and I said, ‘She can't be like that,’” Jimmy told KCRA.

Jimmy removed the child from the trash bin and wrapped her in his T-shirt. Annette tapped the baby on her chest until she took a deep breath and let out a loud scream.

“She was cold and she wasn't really moving, but as soon as I was rubbing her and getting her warmed up, she gasped for air and cried,” Annette said. “I said, ‘Oh my god.’ I think she was going to die if we had not found her.”

Police were able to locate the mother of the baby girl. The 13-year-old admitted that she abandoned the child and told police the details surrounding her birth.

Neighbors were shocked to learn of the story.

“I think there needs to be more information out there for these young women, troubled women, those that don't know that they can surrender a baby at a fire station, police station, the hospital -- but not in the trash," neighbor J.P. Morgan said.

The Alvarez couple said they have already taken steps to adopt the child. They plan on naming her “Milagro,” which is the Spanish word for miracle.

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“You know, if you would have held her, you wouldn't want to let her go. You'd be fighting for her, too,” Annette said. “I've been a foster parent before and kids just touch my heart, because they don't ask to be here.”

Because of her age, the teen mother’s name was not released. The teen will be turned over to Child Protective Services while police continue to investigate.

Sources: KCRA, WTVR / Photo Credit: Screenshot from KCRA, KTLA


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