Couple Accused of Having Sex on Roof of Chipotle Restaurant


Michael Suh and Nicole Germack were recently arrested for allegedly having sex on the roof of a Chipotle restaurant in Newark, Del.

The unlawful intercourse reportedly happened at about 9:40 p.m. on Saturday night while the restaurant was still open.

A police officer arrived on the scene in response to several 911 calls about a male and female engaging in sexual intercourse on the front part of the roof, noted CBS Philadelphia.

According to the police report, the officer witnessed the couple having sex, told them to stop, but the copulation continued for another 15-20 seconds.

The couple then allegedly ran into Suh's apartment where they were later arrested, noted ABC 13.

Suh and Germack were charged with multiple crimes, including: resisting arrest, lewdness, indecent exposure, loitering and conspiracy.

Sources: CBS Philadelphia and ABC 13 (Image Credit: Miosotis Jade)


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