Couple Abducted in Washington Heights Was Part of a Prank


Last week, a couple's apparent abduction had a New York City neighborhood worried, but now authorities believe it was all a joke.

Surveillance footage captured the couple being taken by people driving a dark-colored van in Washington Heights on Saturday.

It seemed the couple was taken at gunpoint and chased down by two men, one wearing a bag over his head and another wearing a black mask.

As the pair turned on a quiet corner of the neighborhood, they were chased by the masked men and then followed by a van. 

Authorities were alerted of the incident when children said they heard people screaming while they were playing at a park nearby.

But they were confused when no one filed a missing person's report. Over the weekend, things became clear after friends came forward and admitted to abducting the "victims" for a surprise birthday party.

"They were walking down the street this way, then the car pulled up on the opposite side. She screamed, and he picked her up," a witness said.

"In the beginning when she screamed we were nervous, but the way she just walked inside it made it seem suspicious, like they knew whose car they were going into."

Though no charges have been filed, it turned into a major investigation before they came forward with the truth. Police helicopters flew over the neighborhood looking for the van, but could not locate it.

While a young boy reported seeing a man with a gun on the street, police do not believe anyone was armed.

Sources: The Blaze, NY Daily News,ABC News


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