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Hospital Visit For Couple Of 70 Years Ends With Heartwarming Photo

An elderly couple from Georgia were met with the kindness of a health care worker during a recent hospital stay and the story has since then started warming hearts all over the Internet.

U.S. Army Veteran Tom Clark, 96, and his wife, Arnisteen, 92, have only been apart from each other once in the 70 years they have been together. That was when Tom was stationed in Korea.

But when the  couple was admitted to Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville, Georgia, this month, they were put in two different rooms because all of the rooms on the orthopedic floor are private. State regulations forbid the hospital staff from putting two patients in a private room, Charlsie Niemiec of Piedmont Fayette Hospital explained to 11 Alive.

Tina Mann, the director of the floor, arranged for the two to be placed in the same room together, bed-by-bed once a day for a visit.

Tom was swept with joy when he finally got back into the same room as his wife of 68 years. He told the room, “I just can’t be away from her. She’s the finest woman in the world.”

The hospital put the story up on Facebook and it has already been shared 2,700 times. More than 11,500 have liked the story and the photo has more than 800 comments, reported LiftBump.

One person who commented who seems to know the couple posted a picture of them. In it, the Clarks appear to be at a party. Tom wearing a suit and Arnisteen is wearing a dress. The Facebook user wrote, “They are very special people. Please show them this beautiful picture and tell them I love them. Thank you!”

Another person who commented, whose employment on Facebook is listed as Piedmont Fayette Hospital, wrote, “They have both been my patients and to say this is true love is an understatement!”

Both have since been discharged from the hospital, Michael Boylan, a communications specialist for the hospital, wrote in an email to USA Today network.

Sources: 11 Alive, Lift Bump, Facebook (2), USA Today / Photo credit: Piedmont Fayette Hospital


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