Infant Severely Injured In Police Raid, County Won't Pay Medical Bills


Habersham County, Georgia officials say the county will not be paying the medical bills of a little boy injured by police during a raid in May.

The child, 19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavah, was severely injured by a flash grenade thrown into his room by Habersham County police. The grenade reportedly exploded just inches away from the child. He spent almost two months in the hospital recovering from the injuries.

Although the family is relieved that Bounkham is healing from his injuries, they are incensed that the county refuses to pay the medical bills for injuries they inflicted on him.

The Habersham County Attorney’s office provided the following statement to WSBTV on the issue:

"The question before the board was whether it is legally permitted to pay these expenses. After consideration of this question following advice of counsel, the board of commissioners has concluded that it would be in violation of the law for it to do so." 

The matter is made even worse since the raid which left Bounkham injured was unsuccessful. No drugs or suspects were found in the Phonesavah family's home. Habersham County officials say the botched raid is being investigated.

The Phonesavah family has relocated to Wisconsin following the ordeal. If the county never pays for Bounkham’s injuries, they plan to hold a fundraiser. 

Sources: WSBTV (2)


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