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Woman Fired From Clerk Office Job For Wearing Leggings

A former Texas County Clerk’s Office employee said she will be taking legal action after she was reportedly fired for wearing leggings to work.

Sue Madry worked as a criminal clerk in Midland County for about a year before she was fired on April 12, KWES reported.

Madry said a human resources representative told her the black leggings she had worn at the office were "inappropriate." She admitted that she had been written up by HR before for wearing a similar pair of brown leggings to work.

"I have photos of other ladies at the office wearing the same thing," Madry told KWES on April 14. "There were even other people wearing leggings [at the Midland County Clerk's Office] the same day I was fired. They didn't get in trouble."

Madry added that her leggings were loose enough and remained opaque under bright lights.

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Madry said she had also been written up after supervisors saw voter registration cards on her desk. The supervisors reportedly considered the registration cards "campaign materials."

Despite her three run-ins with HR, Madry said she believes she was singled out after she announced her candidacy for the Midland County Clerk position; she will be running against her boss, incumbent Alison Haley.

"Our office policy is that personnel matters are private and we don’t comment on them publicly," Haley said.

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According to the Midland County website, the courtroom's "professional dress code" calls for "tasteful and appropriate" clothing and discourages people from wearing shorts, flip flops and hats when appearing in front of a county judge. The dress code does not mention whether leggings are considered unprofessional or inappropriate attire.

Madry said she will be taking legal action.

"You have to stand up for your rights," she told KWES, adding that she will file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. "There [are] bullies [who] think they can get [away] with anything. ... You need to treat your deputies with respect."

Sources: KWES, Midland County / Photo Credit: KWES

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