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Country Star Charlie Daniels Defends Phil Robertson: 'Piers Morgan I Dare You To Do An Interview With A Muslim And Ask Him About Homosexuality'

CNN host Piers Morgan attracted the ire of country music singer Charlie Daniels by making a few sarcastic suggestions to suspended “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson on Twitter Friday.

“Phil Robertson should spend the holiday watching ‘12 Years A Slave’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’. See if that helps with his 'Christianity,’” Morgan tweeted Friday.

Robertson was suspended from the A&E reality show after he gave an interview to GQ in which he made disparaging remarks about homosexuality and suggested that African Americans were perfectly satisfied before the Civil Rights movement.

Later in the day, 77-year-old Charlie Daniels tweeted, “Piers Morgan why don't you go back to England and straighten it out before you try to change the United States of America—Sooner the better.”

“If you had to go to war who would you want to watch your back Piers Morgan or Phil Robertson,” Daniels asked more than 150,000 followers.

“Me … if you’re gay,” responded Piers Morgan.

“Piers Morgan you woudn't [sic] last five minutes in the swamps Phil Robertson hangs out it [sic]. Want to try it? I'll arrange it. Let me know,” Daniels later wrote.

“Agreed. Don't do swamps. Nor bigotry,” responded Morgan.

On Saturday, fifteen hours later, Daniels was at it again. This time he challenged Morgan to interview a Muslim, implying that they would say the same thing that Robertson told GQ.

“Piers Morgan I dare you to do an interview with a Muslim and ask him about homosexuality, I dee [sic] double dare you,” Daniels wrote.

Morgan has not responded.

Sources: Mediaite, BizPac Review


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