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Legendary Country Music Singer Dead At Age 52

Legendary Country Music Singer Dead At Age 52 Promo Image

Country music legend Lari White died at the age of 52 after battling cancer and entering hospice care.

White died after being diagnosed with advanced peritoneal cancer in September of 2017, and her mother posted in an online message to fans just days ago that she'd begun hospice.

"Last night Lari was admitted to a wonderful Hospice facility in Nashville, where she has all the Care she needs to make her comfortable and quiet for this part of the Journey, and where she is completely surrounded by loving family… Chuck, the children, her sister and brother, nephew and sisters-in-law, Mother and Father," Yvonne White wrote.

Lari, who had several hits in the 1990s and won a Grammy for her work, was also an actress and appeared in Tom Hanks' film "Castaway."

"We are thankful, and grateful to God for the miracle of Hospice Care. Because of the way this superb program is designed, we have been able to Be There for her … to pray, to sing, to read to her, to love on her … and each other," Yvonne said, Daily Mail reported.

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"There is so much I could say about Lari, but multitudes of you have said it already. God gave us a very special gift when he sent this incredible baby to a young, inexperienced … and frightened! … couple … But in spite of this, we loved her with all our hearts. From the beginning, we knew that she was 'something else' ... wise and funny, intelligent and super-talented … so loving, kind and compassionate … with a heart as big as all of Heaven."

Lari's latest release, "Old Friends, New Loves," was released in 2017 and commemorated 25 years in the industry, Rolling Stone reported.

Lari is survived by her husband, songwriter Chuck Cannon, and their three children.

"She really had such a beautiful voice. Lari is from my hometown, and we have always been so proud of her. Lari will be missed. Lari, you are singing with the angels now," one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the tragic news.

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"Wow...this is a sad story. She delighted folks at the Sugar Bar with her appearances during its' high caliber 'open night' mics, rocked the Lone Star Cafe, was a truly approachable person, and was quiet about the depth of her accomplishments. RIP...a class act all the way," a Rolling Stone reader recalled.

"She was so cute growing up as a local Tampa Bay girl & her voice was SO pure & resonating. WAY too soon--WAY too young. Sadness envelops...Godspeed Lari," another added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Rolling Stone / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Paul Natkin/Getty Images via Rolling Stone, Dave Hensley via Wikimedia Commons

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