4-Year-Old Girl's Recurring Nightmare About 'White Van' May Hold Clues To Her Mom's Death (Video)

The father of a 4-year-old Virginia girl thinks his daughter’s nightmares might offer some insight into a February car accident that killed the girl’s mother. 

In a videotaped interview (shown below) Craig Tyler can be seen telling WTVR News that his daughter, Elisa, who was with her mom in the accident, is having dreams about a mysterious white van. 

He thinks the recurring nightmares might be a clue as to what caused the wreck.

“The nightmares were in the nighttime and now they’re coming into the day,” Tyler said. “She’ll just start walking and she’ll start screaming ‘the van, the white van!’

“I’ll say, ‘What happened with the white van?’ And she says, ‘It hurt me — it hurt my car!’” he added. 

WTVR reports that police in Chesterfield County, Virginia, believe the crash that killed the mother of three in February was a single-car accident that occurred when the woman’s vehicle slid off a slick road and into a stand of trees.

Natali Castellanos-Tyler’s death left her husband wondering what her absence would do to the kids. 

"The hardest part is just taking it day by day, and just knowing that one day I'm going to have to tell them that they don't have a mother to grow up with," Tyler told WWBT News shortly after the accident. 

Now he worries that the trauma is taking its toll on Elisa and that someone responsible for his wife’s death is still out there and may be a danger to others. 

Those latter fears were stoked recently when he started noticing reports on Facebook from people around his neighborhood who had been in hit and run accidents with a white box truck. 

One victim was 17-year-old Caitlyn Thomas who told WTVR she was side-swiped on March 30 by a white delivery truck. The accident crushed her driver’s side mirror and broke the side window of her car. 

An eyewitness to the accident reportedly told police the driver of the truck slowed down then sped off. 

Two other incidents occurred the same week, according to WTVR, both involving a white truck of similar description. 

“It’s hard to imagine that somebody would purposely be doing this kind of thing,” Caitlyn Thomas’ mom, WendyThomas, told WTVR. “But three times in one week on the same road is, I feel, more than a coincidence.”

A representative from the Chesterfield County Police said there was no evidence linking a second vehicle to the February crash that killed Castellanos-Tyler. The representative could not confirm the string of more recent accidents involving a white truck, citing a problem with the state’s accident tracking system. 

Tyler said he hopes his daughter’s dreams will lead to more information. 

“Ever since we doubted that there was more at play except weather, we have all just been praying for the truth to come out,” he said.

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Photo Credit: WWBT NewsWTVR News


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